Summary PALMS Report

The Summary PALMS Report is a great tool for analyzing the progress and effectiveness of your chapter.  This report can be run for any time frame - a month, a year or even since the opening of your chapter!

Navigate to the Chapter Reports

Navigate to the Chapter Reports

Verify Your Chapter Selection and Choose Your Report

Verify Your Chapter Selection and Choose Your Report
  1. Verify your Country, Region and Chapter selection
  2. Click on the Summary PALMS Report
  3. Verify the date or choose a different date.  By default, this report will display the previous 6 full months, though any date range may be chosen.
  4. Click on the GO button

Summary PALMS Report - Header Details

Summary PALMS Report - Header Details
  1. Report name and parameter details
  2. Use the Export button to open this report in a spreadsheet format on your local computer, such as Microsoft Excel or Numbers
  3. Use the Print button to print a copy of this report on your local printer.
  4. This column will show the member names. This column is sortable by first or last name by clicking on the "Sort First" or "Sort Last" underlined words.
  5. These Columns will show the activity detail for each member.  See Legend below
  6. Use the scroll bar to see the additional report details.  The parameters and column headers will remain locked in place.
  7. The bottom row will display the chapter totals for the time period selected.
  8. When you are finished viewing the report, press the Close button to exit.







RGI=Referrals Given Inside (Tier 1, Member to Member Referrals)

RGO=Referrals Given Outside (Tier 2 or higher)

RRI=Referrals Received Inside (Tier 1, Member to Member Referrals)

RRO=Referrals Received Outside (Tier 2 or higher)


1-2-1=Member 1-2-1 Meetings

TYFCB=Thank You For Closed Business

CEU=Chaper Education Units\Continuing Education Units

Note: Usage and description of PALMS columns are defined by country and may vary slightly.

Happy Connecting!

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    Mrs. Beth Buenger

    I tried to run this as the VP.  It would not let me choose just the current month.  I had to choose 2 months (from Aug 1 to Sept 30).  However, the president was able to run this as just the current month (Sept.)

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